Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)
  • Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)

Girls Pop Beads Set - Creative DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids (520pcs)

Price:   $55.99  $33.79-40%

  • Model: 8512
  • 27 Units in Stock
  • Brand: IQKidz

CIRCUMFERENCE 22.75 22.25 21.75
EAR TO EAR OVER THE TOP 13.5 12.75 12.5
NAPE OF NECK 6 5.5 5
Measurement Guide

How to Take Measurements

1. Pin hair as flat and as tight as possible before taking the measurements.

2. Round your measurements up no t down. Example: 12 3/4 should be rounded up to 13 and 12 1/4 should be rounded up to 12 1/2.

Note: If you are bald or do not have a hair line - you do not need to add the inch - simply put the tape measure where you would like your hairline to begin with the wig. The averages below are just examples. Not everyone will meet these measurements - some may be under or over and that is perfectly fine.

  • Circumference

    1. Circumference

    Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hair line around the head and nape of
    the neck. (Average measurement is 22 inches).

  • Forehead to Nape of neck

    2. Forehead to Nape of neck

    Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of
    hairline at nape of neck. (Average measurement is 13 1/2 inches).

  • Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline

    3. Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline

    At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hair line along forehead to same point in
    front of other ear. (Average measurement is 11 1/2 inches).

  • Ear to Ear Over the Top

    4. Ear to Ear Over the Top

    Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.
    (Average measurement is 11 inches).

  • Temple to Temple Around Back

    5. Temple to Temple Around Back

    From temple to temple across the back of head. (Average measurement is 14 inches).

  • Nape of Neck

    6. Nape of Neck

    Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck. (Average measurement is 6 inches).

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  • 520 Pieces Of Fun And Colourful Jewelry: This Unique Snap-Together Fashion Kit Comes In All Shapes, Sizes And Designs.
  • Encourages Creative Play: Makes Bracelets, Necklaces, Headbands And Rings With Hundreds Of Different Combinations.
  • Easy Snap-Together Design: All Pieces Snap Together Quickly, Securely, And Easily.
  • Reusable: Make It, Wear It, Remake It, And Wear It Again! You Can Play With This Fully Reusable Jewelry Kit.
  • BPA Free: Excellent and safe BPA free, Phthalate free plastic. Comes up to international standard.


The pop beads set not only an art craft toy but also an encourages creative play toy for children. This kit is perfect for a play date, rainy day or party fun. Kids play the game with the help of adults, which can improve parent-child relationship. It is an ideal gift choice for christmas, girls' birthday or reward.


Up to 520 pieces of fun and colourful jewelry:
53 unique shapes and more than 12 different colors, including 20 rings, 10 bracelets and 2 amazing hairbands.
Pop beads snap together quickly, securely, and easily. NO STRING NEEDED! They're also reusable, so you can make it, wear it, remake it, and wear it again!

Includes a convenient clear fashion pink storage box with carrying handle, which makes cleanup easy and travel hassle-free.


ATTENTION: It's designed for 3 years old children and above.


Warning: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.



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George Tully-Young.
Daughter makes long "snakes" and loves how it catches her through the house
William Young.
They are very small so it's a great toy to pack in your purse to bring to restaurants etc.
Robert Hunter.
Really good for the kids to keep entertained for hours! Beautiful and great quality
Chris Lathrop.
Really nice product. Little girl loves it.
Deshawnn Woods Sr.
4 year old loves all the different things she can make with these. Includes a lot of beads. Good quality.
Jimmy Villatoro.
These are great for fine motor skills in the littles. We often dump some in a Tupperware and sort, make patterns and just build necklaces or strings of beads.
Fabian Meridy.
Bought these as gifts, both the parents and kids loved them.
Dale Boehlen.
We love his product! From rings to bracelets it's hours of fun!!
Rhomas Curran.
These were immediate hit with my nieces and my sister in law. That's all they wanted to play with for awhile and these pieces are so colorful and easy to work with and put together. Another great product from the B toys!...
Jeff Osness.
So much fun for my 5 year old.
Anton Chmidt.
successful transaction, recommended 100%
Adam Swygart.
The first toy my 4 year old plays with every day after preschool. She insisted we buy one for her friends birthday this week so they could make matching jewelry. It's a total hit!
Jojo Reantaso.
My children 6,4, and 2 love this toy and beg to play with these during their free time. Definitely supervise or the pieces will be all over the floor or in a toddler's mouth. Great Toy for hours of play....
Goran Hadzi-Nikolov.
These beads are so cute!
David Figueroa.
great fun and interesting pieces
George Aqleh.
She loves crafting! These are perfect baubles and jewels. Easy to use.
Jerry Rios.
Oh man these are nice. When I first got them my daughter had fun for days making different types of necklaces and bracelets. Endless cheap fun. Great stuff.
Brian Tomcho.
Grandaughter lives creating jewlery!
Charles Buckley.
Kids love making jewelry. Great buy.
Nolan Figueroa.
A wonderful bead selection of size, shapes, and colors. Purchased for a three year old, but played with by her 10 and 12 year old siblings. A good price for a good gift.
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